Dear Jury,

Thank you for reviewing my application for ______________. I’m grateful that you’re able to meet with me today to consider my work. This portfolio website presents ever-evolving snapshots of my activity across different art contexts. To some people, I’m an artist; to others, a curator or exhibition-maker; or to others a writer, educator or a conceptual workshop leader, the embodiment of Detroit Kunsthalle, skateboard-art-team-professional-cruiser, unconventional storyteller, or the former executive of a fictitious bureau for contemporary art.

Regardless of categories, I assume we’re all here today for one reason or another. I’m here to make a case for the value of my contemporary post-studio practice, interest in self-initiated venues, performative strategies, site (and situation) specific projects, pseudonyms, monochromes and polar bears. And also a belief that critique and creation work hand in hand, and that public art and democracy somewhat are the same, since the one thing cannot function without the other.

Thanks again for your time and attention, I look forward to hearing your decision, and welcome any questions, constructive critique, or feedback on what you have seen today.

Kjetil Detroit Kristensen

Kristensen is a culture producer, born in Stavanger, based in Oslo, Norway. Co-Initiator of projects presented in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, and the USA. Recipient of the EEA and Norway Grants, and registered consultant at KORO - Public Art Norway. Alumnus of Valand Academy, Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art.

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